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Bilateral catarrhal tubotympanitis and bilateral chronic otomastoiditis

35-year-old-male with recurring otitis diagnosed with bilateral chronic otomastoiditis characterized by mastoid sclerosis and hypodense tissue. Cycles of thermal crenotherapy, mild climate work and avoiding cold climates are recommended. Later on a bilateral catarrhal tubotympanitis was also diagnosed.

Persistent Vertigo

47-year-old female who had the onset of persistent vertigo. The first evaluations revealed right beating nystagmus on gaze straight and to the right, unsteady gait with limb ataxia, and positive head thrust to the left. Improvement seemed to be occurring in that gait deviation with eyes closed was no longer present. Vestibular physical therapy exercises were started. On the next evaluations there was paroxysmal positional vertigo from the left ear and minimal neurosensory hearing loss. An audiogram showed minor neurosensory deafness.