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Partial seizures in 4 years old girl

A 4 year old girl with normal birth history and development with the exception of an episode of maternal hemiplegia d

Autoimmune hepatitis/cholangitis in patient with Crohn’s disease.

18 years old male.

Metastatic colon cancer after 8 years of continous chemotherapy treatment

A 72 years old female that 8 years ago was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the sigma with liver metastasis.

Myofascial back pain in a patient diagnosed with mild disc degeneration

The patient is a 52 year old male, who is suffering from backache and carried out imaging tests of the lumbosacral sp

Low back pain due to spondylosis and degenerative disc disease

35 years old male. 3 years ago an episode of lumbar pain.

Anemia due to blood loss in obscure intestinal bleeding

43 years old patient without any notable pathologies in anamnesis.

Hyperthyroidism in autoimmune non-nodular thyroiditis

21 years old female who provided us medical report of her endocrinological examination with diagnosis of “Basedow’s H

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